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Название The Turkic Civilization Lost in the Mediterranean Basin from Trojans to Etruscans
Язык Английский (en)
Язык оригинала Английский (en)
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The Etruscans passed down a highly developed culture to later Europeans. The first democratic institutions and the initial pattern of parliament in Rome were founded by the Etruscans. The Renaissance, which revolutionized life across all of Europe had its roots in Etruscan civilization. The creators of the masterpieces of pre–Roman Italy, most mythological personages, philosophers, writers, scientists whom we have become accustomed to know as Greek or Roman by origin were all early Mediterraneans. Finally, their assimilated languages were used as «building materials» in the formation of Latin and Old Greek languages, which are now considered by linguists to be «the substratum of unknown origin». However, this research will show how the so-called «unknown» and dark world of the Etruscans and Trojans and other related peoples of the region is sufficiently transparent. The book «The Turkic Civilization of the Mediterranean» reveals the Turkic origin of the early languages of this region. Thanks to a strong knowledge of old and modern Turkic languages the author has discovered that the mysterious Etruscan writings were written in a language of a Turkic feature. These findings challenge traditional theories that limit the history of the old Turks to Central Asia. It is worthy of note that, the author has based the theoretical background of his research on European sources. He asserts the existence of a Turkic culture in the region based on stories from old Scandinavian writings about the Turkic origin of the Trojans and Thracians, old Turkic kings of Sweden and Norway and the conclusions of outstanding European linguists about the Turkic origins of the Etruscans, etc. The result of this long research is completely compatible with all of these sources. The Turkic origin of the Etruscan writings is based not on separate words, as was revealed by previous research, but on 7 the whole lexico-grammatical system — the unity of all aspects of the language. The conclusions of this book open a new stage in historiography promoting revaluation of the ethnic realities of some regions of both Europe, Asia Minor and the Caucasus as well as the correction of outdated traditional viewpoints that link the presence of Turks in Asia Minor and the adjoining territories to Middle Ages. Tofig Hajiyev Professor, Doctor of Philological sciences

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Lord KiRon
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Как и у многих авторов свежая идея и план закончились ещё с первой книгой, а дальше пошла импровизация на...