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Название Severance Kill
Год 2012
Язык Английский (en)
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Формат fb2
Добавлена 2018-06-14 15:20:29
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Martin Calvary is going to Prague to kill a man.
First he has to rescue him.

Calvary works for The Chapel, a branch of British Intelligence that identifies enemies of the state who are beyond the reach of the law, and eliminates them. Permanently.

But Calvary has had enough of the killing and wants out. His employers make him an offer: if he carries out one more assassination, he’s free to leave. If he refuses, evidence of his involvement in all the previous killings will be passed on to the police and he’ll become a wanted criminal facing life in prison.

Trapped, Calvary travels to Prague to carry out the hit. The target is Sir Ivor Gaines, a retired senior British diplomat and Cold War traitor who escaped justice more than twenty years ago. But Calvary discovers he’s not the only one with an interest in Gaines. Also hunting him are the city’s gangland boss, and the local branch of the successor organisation to the Soviet KGB…

Calvary’s hit on Gaines fails, and he’s plunged into a race against time to locate and terminate the man before either Prague’s premier organised crime family or the Russians discover just why Gaines is so important, and what the explosive repercussions would be were he to be taken to Moscow. Haunted by the memory of a terrible error he made five years ago, Calvary must track down Gaines to achieve severance not only from his job, but from his past itself.

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Зачем менять правильное название книги, которое идет именно как "Орден Хранителей. Инквизитор"? А не просто...
Во второй части Алекс такого накрутил, что дальше читать страшно. Из футболиста в 'террористы'...бедный...
В двух словах - дикий наивняк. Причем впечатление что автор не закончил среднюю школу. И я не про...
Перевод просто ужасный, да и сама книга - жалкая поделка.
Прочитал с огромным удовольствием. Я бы не сказал, что это шедевр, но автор не зря шесть раз попадал в...